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Juárez 145, Tlaquepaque, Jalisco CP 45500, Mexico
Please note: from outside Jalisco, the Guadalajara area code (33) must precede the local number; and from outside Mexico, the country code of (52) must come before that. To make an international call from most phones in the United States, the international access code of 011 must come first, so the whole number would be: 011-52-33-3659-1253.
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  Dougie, Analise, Anya, & AndrewThe mangers of Plaza de Artesanías Apartments are Analise Taylor Mata and Douglas Galloway. In 2002, Dougie (from Scotland) met Analise (from Tlaquepaque) in London, where Analise was studying art. Analise’s parents had owned and managed the Plaza de Artesanías for 30 years; and five years ago, Dougie and Analise returned to Mexico to take over the managment, ably assisted by Analise’s sister—and, increasingly, by their children, Anya and Andrew.
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