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Plaza de Artesanías Apartments offers affordable accommodations, an ideal location, and a secure, family-friendly environment.
  • Location: Plaza de Artesanías Apartments is only one block from the center of Tlaquepaque, a beautiful town long famous for the production and sale of art and crafts (artesanías). Although Tlaquepaque retains its village-like charm, downtown Guadalajara is a mere fifteen minutes away (map), as is the airport. Alternatively, a 50 minute drive will bring you to either Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, or to Tequila, home of (you guessed it) Mexico’s best-known beverage.
Apartment A

  • Security: Because it has frequent visitors from both Mexico and abroad, Tlaquepaque’s government goes to great lengths to keep the center of Tlaquepaque safe. Moreover, access to Plaza de Artesanías Apartments is via an always-locked gate, and each apartment has its own locked door.

  • Gated entrance

  • Environment: Analise and Douglas, managers of the Apartments and proud parents of two, always maintain a family-friendly environment, both in their own apartment and in the Plaza de Artesanías in general.

All three Plaza de Artesanías Apartments are fully furnished (see details). Of differing sizes, each apartment has separate bath, kitchen, and bedroom spaces, with the largest having a separate living area. All residents have access to a common second-floor patio. Apartments are rented by the week, with substantial discounts available for longer stays. Rates for Apartment A are here; rates for Apartment B are here and rates for Apartment D are here. Reservation information and maps, are available here.